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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I add users, so I can assign tasks to them?

    Users can be added by selecting manage my domain from the user drop down menu, users will then appear on all assigning drop downs.

  • How can I create a task for a customer / project / job?

    There is an icon against each item for adding tasks, simply press this to bring up a box for entering the Task Summary.

  • How can I assign an exiting task to a customer / project / job?

    To Assign an existing task to a customer / project / job, edit the Task and go to the tags box, start entering the name of the item you wish to assign the task to and it should appear in a list below the tag.

  • How can I trigger an action on closing a Task?

    Please see Actions documentation.

  • How can I connect my system to the Dynamic Tasks API?

    Please see API documentation.